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The Texas Mining and Reclamation Association (TMRA) serves as a single voice for the Texas mining industry and exhibits integrity, clarity and vision in its efforts to create a balance between mineral production, environmental protection, economic strength and public welfare.

The association educates the public, regulators and policymakers on the value of mining to our state’s economy and advocates on issues including environmental regulation, legislation and public perception.

Lignite Mining

Coal mining and coal-fired electricity generation are important economic engines in Texas. Economic activity from these industries spark business activity up and down their respective supply chains creating new jobs and income for Texas residents. Moreover, as a reliable source of fuel for electric power generation, Texas lignite coal is an important component of our power source diversification efforts that makes us more energy independent and Texas a more competitive place to do business.

Industrial Minerals Mining

The state of Texas contains an abundance of raw materials that improve the quality of our lives. Metal ores provide manufacturers with vital components for production, and sand, stone and gravel pulled from quarries across the state provide the foundation for new construction. Industrial minerals are important components of a variety of products, from pharmaceuticals to automobiles. It is critical to the state’s economy to maintain a viable industrial mineral industry to avoid increased costs of development.


Uranium, a carbon-free fuel source used for electricity generation, can produce more power than other clean energy sources. The annual investments and economic activity generated by the Texas uranium mining industry serve as a catalyst for economic growth and development for both the local regions in which mining companies operate as well as the state of Texas as a whole. Locally, the industry is a critical driver of economic opportunity for many South Texas counties as increased employment and local tax revenue help support additional services utilized by all residents.