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As the owner of a business that is influenced by the mining economy, you have an interest in the issues that impact the industry.

When you join TMRA, you will:

  • Receive our TMRA Snapshot, a monthly e-Newsletter featuring industry-related subject matter and member news.
  • Have access to key decision-makers in owner/operator companies and other support/service companies.
  • Support a reasonable balance between the business of mining and environmental stewardship.
  • Affiliate with an organization committed to advocating on the industry’s behalf.
  • Track mining and environmental regulations, legislation, tax proposals, and other issues through standing committees.
  • Be protected by industry task forces prepared to take action in response to imminent situations.
  • Attend the annual meeting with up-to-the-minute information and quality speakers, such as state and federal legislators, regulatory officials, media representatives, and business leaders. As well as other industry meetings.
  • For additional membership benefits and information, see our TMRA Membership Flyer!
Membership Levels
  • Owner/Operator All Other Mining/Milling/Quarrying/Exploration (1-200 Employees $5,000/yr, 201+ Employees $7,000/yr)
  • Owner/Operator Lignite/Coal (Dues Calculated By Formula. Contact TMRA Office.)
  • Investor/Owned Utility ($12,000/yr)
  • Municipal Co-Op Utility ($7,000/yr)
  • Sole Proprietor - One Person Office ($250/yr)
  • Support 1 - 2-50 U.S. Employees ($650/yr)
  • Support 2 - 51-200 U.S. Employees ($1,000/yr)
  • Support 3 - 200+ U.S. Employees ($2,000/yr)
  • Individual - Retired/Government/Academic ONLY ($125/yr)
  • Student ($125/yr)
  • Non-Profit/Educational ($0)
  • Life Member ($0)
TMRA Bylaws
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For more information, contact Krissy Lilljedahl, Executive Administrator