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October 9, 2017 Media Statement RE: EPA Clean Power Plan Repeal

TMRA praises EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt's decision to repeal the Clean Power Plan.  As has been stated in the past, TMRA opposes regulatory overreach and is of the position that the Clean Power Plan was ill-conceived, ungrounded in scientific and legal rationale and driven by a partisan political agenda lacking realistic or supportable grounding.  Furthermore, the CPP threatened to erode grid reliability while contributing to substantial losses of hard-working American jobs.
The Texas mining industry is committed to using advanced technologies and techniques to protect both human health and the environment. TMRA and its member companies look forward to working with the EPA on the development of reasonable and scientifically sound emission reduction rules that encourage a balanced “all of the above” energy mix, a mix that includes coal, which is a stable, abundant and affordable source of energy.